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Coloured & Tinted Glass

Coloured & Tinted Glass

Tinted glass

Tinted float is produced by adding metal oxides during float glass production. The most common colours are grey, bronze, green and blue. Apart from its visual appeal, tinted float is also used to reduce solar heat gain, UV and glare inside a building.

Tinted float glass achieves its performance by absorbing solar energy and so is sometimes referred to as heat absorbing glass. This heat absorbing quality means the glass is thermally stressed so some thicker or darker products may need to be toughened to avoid thermal stress breakage.

Tinted float can be processed into heat strengthened, toughened, laminated, curved glass and insulating glass units (IGU's).

Tinted glass colour selection

Tinted float glass samples are available by request from Metro Glass. Due to the significant variance in lighting conditions, it is recommended to view tinted glass samples in light conditions as close to the installation conditions as possible, before selecting a tint colour.

Grey tinted float glass

Grey float is the traditional medium grey tinted glass characterised by its low light transmission and good control of solar heat and glare.

Stocked thicknesses:

  • 4mm

  • 5mm

  • 6mm

  • 8mm

  • 10mm

  • 12mm

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Glass Sheet Sizes

Bronze tinted float glass

Bronze float is the traditional medium bronze-tinted glass designed to reduce solar heat and glare but providing a higher visible light transmittance than grey float.

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Glass Sheet Sizes

Green tinted float glass

Modern green tints offer better solar performance with superior light transmittance then traditional bronze tints. Green tints can be useful to enhance the appearance of greenery in the surrounding environment.

For our standard stocked glass sheet sizes visit the following link: 

Glass Sheet Sizes

Low E glass + tint

The advantage of Low E + tint, is that it can provide better solar control performance than standard tinted float glass, while allowing more visible light.

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Our patterned and obscured glass is manufactured in many different thicknesses with a variety of patterns available.

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