Screen Printed Glass

Screen Printed Glass

Screen Printed Glass

Metro Glass manufactures silk screened ceramic frit glass for architectural and domestic use. The process involves screen printing special ceramic frit paint onto the glass and fusing it onto the surface during the toughening or heat strengthening process. The result is a tough, durable, decorative glass.

This decorative process allows the designer flexibility in selecting finishes where colour and pattern design are important for visual impact. Screen-printed solid colours provide a coloured glass that is both decorative and durable, utilising organic ink that is fused to the glass through the toughening process.

Colours & Patterns

This Metro Screen print colour range contains the most common architectural colours for internal and external applications. These colours are routinely used to harmonise spandrel panels with tinted vision panels, or conversely to provide a contrast. This range can also be used as decorative colour for screen printed patterns and for anti-slip resistant floor surfaces.  Note 3mm Dotlite and 1mm Reverse Dotlite are not available in anti-slip with the nature of the small pattern size.

Screen Printed Glass Colours (TempaClad, TempaScreen, TempaGrip)

Screen Printed Glass Patterns (TempaScreen, TempaGrip)

Double glazed glass panels stacked on white surface

Need more options?

Our screen printed glass is manufactured in many different thicknesses with a variety of patterns available.

Whatever your requirements, we can customise a solution for you.

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