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Intruder Resistant Glass

Intruder Resistant Glass

Intruder resistant glass

Metro offer three options for Intruder Resistant Laminated Safety Glass as per below.

These are rated indicatively in terms of “attack time” based on physical testing done previously, below referred notes apply:

Intruder resistant glazing options are tested to AS3555.1.

Attack time                           Product Name                           

  • 2-5 minutes            M12 IR Specialty Laminated Glass                           

  • 5-10 minutes           M13 IR Specialty Laminated Glass

  • 10-20 minutes        M15 IR Specialty Laminated Glass



  1. The above referred standard is performance based and the testing criteria is highly subjective. In simple terms, strength and stamina of the person testing the glass, size of the panel, containment method and rigidity of frame are all highly variable and will contribute to outcomes that vary considerably also.

  2. Metro Glass have tested and achieved the corresponding rating but actual performance and consequent rating is best validated by specific project testing involving key stake holders and project specific mock-ups. 

  3. The Laminated safety glass (LSG) type could potentially be incorporated into double glazing along with a suitable Low E glass type – the possibilities will depend upon thickness constraints essentially governed by the framing type under consideration. Other design considerations, if and as applicable, may be assessed in parallel.

  4.  The AS3555.1 intruder glass standard is not cited by the building code so the producer statement process will be invalid.



Available sizes

Metro Performance glass can design and manufacture Intruder Resistant Glass with a variety of sizes and thickness specifications to suit a wide range of installation requirements.

Note: The maximum size for glass/ polycarbonate laminates can be restricted by the available polycarbonate sheet sizes (typically 2440mm x 1800mm).

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