Interior of a prison corridor with visible cell bars on the sides
Prison Cell Glass

Prison Cell Glass

Prison cell glass

Prison and Suicide Cell glass (PSC) is a range of thin, lightweight intruder resistant laminated glass products which have been specifically designed for low to medium security applications, where intrusion or the safety of disturbed criminals or patients is of concern. 

Prison and Suicide Cell glass is constructed using combinations of annealed, toughened and heat strengthened glass, with an interlayer between the plies. This configuration provides residual strength, even after one or both of the glass plies have been broken, making it well suited for watch houses, lock-ups, detention centres, and police stations.

PSC glass can be manufactured to incorporate tinted glass, tinted or obscure interlayers, and reflective coatings or one-way mirror. Some also have a safety film applied.

Available sizes

Metro Performance glass can design and manufacture Prison and Suicide Cell Glass with a variety of sizes and thickness specifications (typically 12-22mm) to suit a wide range of installation requirements.

PSC glasses are typically tested and specified to the attack levels as defined in AS3555.1 (Building Elements: Testing and Rating for Intruder Resistance, Part 1 – Intruder resistant panels).

Note: The maximum size for glass/laminates can be restricted by the available sheet sizes (typically 2440mm x 1800mm). 

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