Dividend policy

Dividends and other distribution with respect to the shares are only made at the discretion of the Board of Metro Performance Glass. Any dividend can only be declared by the Board if the requirements of the Companies Act 1993 are also satisfied. The Board’s decision to declare a dividend for shareholders in any financial year will depend on, amongst other things:

  • any Statutory or regulatory requirements;

  • the financial performance of Metro Performance Glass;

  • one-off or non-recurring events;

  • capital expenditure requirements;

  • the availability of imputation credits;

  • prevailing business and economic conditions;

  • the outlook for all of the above
    and any other factors deemed relevant by the Board.

Subject to the above, Metro Performance Glass intends to make dividend payments to Shareholders semi-annually, in respect of half years ending 30 September and full years ending 31 March.

The dividend is currently expected to be approximately 50% to 70% of net profit after tax and before significant items. However, the actual ratio is expected to vary over time reflecting the above factors.

It is the Board’s intention to attach imputation credits to dividends to the extent they are available.

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