Koru patterned glass canopy
Glass Canopies

Glass Canopies

Frameless glass canopies

Bespoke frameless glass canopies provide strength, light, and protection from the elements. All of our systems are designed and engineered in New Zealand by Metro’s Engineering Department.

A glass canopy provides an attractive and practical feature to any commercial or residential project. The contrast between the old and the new, and the crisp, clean lines look very contemporary. Often placed outside entrance doors, a canopy protects people entering the building. But they certainly are not limited to front doors; canopies over deck areas keep the weather away from the doors, allowing protection from the elements and natural light through to the entrance area.

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Tierod canopy system

The Austvision TieRod Canopy System was designed and developed for residential and commercial entrances with a strong emphasis on simplicity in design and ease of installation.

Tierod System - Data Sheet & Components

Spider canopy system

The Austvision SpiderCanopy System can be used for both residential and commercial applications requiring large panes and support spans for high design wind, snow and live loads.

The SpiderCanopy System utilises Austvision 445 series or 446 series spider fittings to transfer the loads from the glass to the supporting members.

Spider System - Data Sheet & Components

Other canopies

Metro can custom design a glass canopy system for your specific structural and aesthetic requirements. Contact our technical team direct to discuss your needs:


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