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Glass Facades

Glass Facades

Metro offer a wide range of custom made building facades.

Frameless spider commercial facades

Spider fittings are the stainless steel hardware for mounting glass to walls, posts, fins, or other structural substrates. Typical types of spider fittings can be divided into Fin Spider fittings and Point Fix Spider fittings.

Ideal for creating an “all glass” look, Spider fittings once mounted they are designed to show minimal visible connections.

Metro Glass stocks a range of Spider fittings. The fixing detail can be tailored for individual projects including side fixed, bottom fixed or top-mounted fittings to meet the requirements of small canopies through to more complex glass walls. Holes must be drilled in the glass for assembly.

All Spiders fittings are manufactured from 316 stainless to maximise durability and appearance, in polished or satin finishes.

Swivels are available for toughened, laminated or double glazed units, including flush fitting and surface, mounted options.

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Spider fin – structural glass system

The Austvision Spider Fin Structural Glass System is a point fixed glass wall utilising glass structural support fins as wind bracing and can be a ground-based, fully fixed or suspended installation.

The Spider Fin System uses Austvision 445 series heavy-duty spider fittings to transfer the loads from the glass fins to structure. When used with glass fins, the Spider Fin is a versatile system providing clean lines to a building’s facade. The glass fins are normally used as a vertical mullion but can be used as horizontal transom and can also be used in overhead glazing applications.

Spider Fin – System

Channel system stainless steel fins

Spider truss – structural glass system

The Austvision Spider Truss is Tension a Truss System for glass walls. The tension trusses are used as vertical or horizontal supports for wind bracing large glass facades.

The Spider Truss System utilises two pre-tensioned catenaries supporting inward and outward wind loading. Loads are transferred from the glass through Austvision spider fittings to the compression struts. The trusses are tensioned between the floor slab and the roof structure.

Spider Truss - system

Spider facade – glass system

The Austvision Spider Facade is a glass wall solution to overcome the restrictions of conventional frames and provide an ultimate all-glass facade.

The system utilises proprietary mechanical fixings and toughened safety glass and combines strength and visible lightness to provide high-performance window facade systems.

spider facade - system

Spider frame – glass system

The Austvision Spider Frame is a glass wall solution to overcome the restrictions of conventional frames and provide an ultimate all-glass facade. The system utilises proprietary The Austvision SpiderFrame System is a specially developed elliptical-shaped aluminium extrusion and spider connection system for glass walls and screens, shopfront, display walls or canopies.

The Spider Frame uses simple techniques for connecting Toughened Safety Glass panels to the Spider Frame, which can be used as a vertical post or horizontal transom or canopy supports.

The Spider Frame can also be used cantilevered in short sections to replace glass fins or the like, and even for balustrade posts. It is connected to the structure with special profiled feet and can be reinforced with steel RHS inserts for high loadings over long spans.

Spider frame system

Other facades

Metro can custom design a glass facade system for your specific structural and aesthetic requirements. Contact our technical team direct, to discuss your needs:


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