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Floors & Stairs Glass

Floors & Stairs Glass

Glass floors and stairs

Glass allows light to flow through stairs, creating an airy and luxurious space. As natural light permeates the space through the glass, it produces different moods and can form a seamless transition between rooms. Glass can also be lit from beneath, or edge-lit with LED lights.

Glass stairs and floors feature a slip-resistant surface pattern which, while adding safety, still allows light to travel through.

We use laminated glass, which is made up of two or more panes of thick glass and provides a safer option in case of breakage (toughened glass is not used in single-glazed form because of its characteristics, but it can be used in the laminate, or as a sacrificial layer).

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Frameless spider stairs and floors

For mechanically fixed Floors and Treads, special stainless steel spider fittings can be used to support glass giving it a unique ‘floating’ appearance above the structure. As the design load and support details are critical these systems require specific design and our technical staff should be consulted. The special effects and durability of TEMPASCREEN® screen printed glass and TEMPAGRIP® slip-resistant glass can be incorporated into any design in combination with the special fixing techniques to provide an attractive and functional installation.

Spider Stairs Overview

TempaGrip patterns

Metro glass floors and stairs are available in three TempaGrip patterns.

Stair grip patterns

Austvision SpiderTread – glass stair tread system

The Austvision SpiderTread System utilises SAFELITE® EVA or SAFELITE® STF (Sentry®) Toughened Laminated Safety Glass (TLSG) combined with printed and non-slip surfaces to provide an attractive alternative to traditional stair treads. The imposed floor actions are transferred from the glass through the Austvision spider fittings to the stair stringer. The laminated glass treads are fixed off the spider fitting using countersunk fixings which creates a flush surface.

Austvision SpiderTread System

Austvision AlphaLink – glass balustrade connector

The Austvision AlphaLink is a profiled glass link connector designed primarily for balustrade infill panels, pool fences and internal glass screens connected to posts and balusters.
The AlphaLink uses a simple technique of connecting TEMPAFLOAT® Toughened Safety Glass, SAFELITE® EVA or SAFELITE® STF (Sentry®) Toughened Laminated Safety Glass panels to a post or frame by means of a slotted fixing and pre-located M10 bolt and tightening nut. This avoids the need for welding tabs to the post and makes measuring and installation easier. It can also be adjusted for angle to address inaccuracies on-site for floor levels and stair rakes.

Austvision AlphaLink Connector

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