Commercial office space with glass walls
Commercial Glass Partitions

Commercial Glass Partitions

Commerical Partitions & Doors

Create flexible working spaces
Sliding doors and room partitions let you create more flexible working spaces. Metro frameless glass screens and doors are available in extremely large sizes to complement any bespoke system design.

Design creativity
Use the unique aesthetic properties of glass to add appeal to your cavity sliders or dividing walls, with translucent, frosted, tinted, coloured or digitally etched designs, to cover sections or entire panels.

A wide range of glass options
We offer a range of glass partitions, walls, and panels from single glazed safety glass through to double and thermal glazed partitions.
We can also use acoustic reduction glass, that are highly insulated against noise travelling between spaces.

Easy clean
You can even create unique design feature walls, sliders and doors which, being easy to clean, are ideal for busy working spaces.

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