Triple Glazing Low E

Triple Glazing Low E

Metro Triple Glazing - next generation high performance glass.

What is triple glazing?

  • Triple glazing is made up of three panes of glass instead of one (single glazing) or two (double glazing).

  • The cavity between each pane of glass is usually filled with an inert gas – such as argon.

  • Together with the extra pane, this can help to reduce noise transmission and increase energy efficiency.

The diagram below shows the differences of a double glazed vs triple glazed unit.

Diagram of differences between triple and double glazed glass

Metro triple glazing is perfect for

  • Achieving the highest levels of home energy efficiency - such as Passive House performance or cutting-edge Low Carbon design.

  • Homes where windows are a key design feature, without sacrificing thermal performance.

  • Regions with more extreme weather conditions.

Advantages of Metro triple glazing

Elevate your home to the next level and delivers unmatched thermal, solar and acoustic performance.

  1. Design Freedom - its exceptional performance means you can design unique window dominant spaces, that easily surpass H1 compliance for energy efficiency, resulting in spectacular living spaces without sacrificing comfort and livability.

  2. Up to *81% higher thermal performance - meaning homes are almost impervious to even the worst winter days.

  3. Up to *66% better solar control - assists in protecting you from the hottest of summer days and can help reduce the energy costs of cooling your home.

  4. Higher acoustic control - the additional glass pane and gas layer in triple-glazed windows help to dampen outside noise, making them a great choice for urban homes, those near transportation hubs, or for those who just want to be able to ‘turn off’ the outside world when they’re in their home.

  5. Safety and Security - with three panes of glass protection, making it more difficult to break through. Deterring unwanted intruders and ensuring your home is safe and secure.

  6. Environmental benefits - significantly reduces the energy demand for heating and cooling your home.

  7. Trusted, local supplier - unlike imported glass systems, Metro triple glazing is processed right here in New Zealand. This ensures faster turnaround times, confidence in our supply chain and quality assurance practices, and guarantees compliance with New Zealand’s safety and regulatory standards. Plus you’ll have peace of mind that our sales service is handled locally, by an expert team you can trust.

* Compared to standard double glazing

Triple glazing important considerations

Things to think about before deciding on your glazing units:

  1. Frame compatibility
    Triple glazed units require a larger glazing pocket than double glazed units, so you’ll need to check whether your window frame and building design can accommodate this requirement. There is a nationwide network of window fabricators that are experienced in supplying window frames for triple glazing, please contact your Metro Representative and we can help connect you.

  2. Weight
    Triple glazing units are heavier than double glazing units by around 30-50% this will affect handling and installation requirements and building structure/foundation requirements.

  3. Thermal breakage risk
    Heat build-up in glass can lead to thermal breakage. This risk can be reduced by using heat treated glass.

  4. Solar control colour appearance
    Metro SolarPro™ Plus has a subtle, neutral grey tone which is part of the Low E coating. The advantage of this, is that unlike other tinted glass that gets darker as the glass gets thicker, SolarPro™ Plus provides a consistent colour, even when used across different glass thicknesses, meaning your home will look great from all angles.

  5. External condensation
    Dew on the outer surface is a natural occurrence, commonly seen in both high performance double glazing and triple glazing. Particularly in homes that have no eaves, are sheltered from prevailing breezes, and/or have high humidity/cold conditions overnight.

Warranty & glass care

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Glass Care & Maintenance

Compare Performance

To help you select the right glass for your triple glazing, this table helps you compare the performance of our range.

U Value (make-up of 4-14-4-14-4)

Insulation value, lower is better

Solar Factor (SF)

Lower means less solar heat

Visible Light Transmission (VLT)

Higher means more natural light

Fading Protection (TWD-ISO)

Lower means better fading protection

Colour Hue

Acoustic Control

Spacious glass sliding doors opening to a panoramic hillside vista
Standard Double Glazing
A cozy dining room with a breathtaking mountain view
Therma Light™ - Low E (Triple Glazing)
House with mountain view, featuring double glazed windows and doors
SolarPro™ Light - Low E (Triple Glazing)
Light champagne
Gorgeous contemporary home featuring glazed glass windows, manicured lawn, and stunning mountain backdrop
SolarPro™ Plus - Low E (Triple Glazing)
Subtle grey tone

Crafted for New Zealand conditions

Because we manufacture in New Zealand, our glass technology is designed specifically for our diverse climate.

Our glass works with every type of window frame

Our Low E glass works perfectly with all types of window frames; wood, aluminium and uPVC.

Benefits of Low E Glass

High Thermal Performance

Keeps you warm and cozy in winter

Solar Control

Protects from overheating in summer

Reduce Power Bills

Use less power for heating and cooling

Fading Protection

Helps protect furnishings from fading

Explore Metro's advanced Low E double or triple glazing range for superior performance. Contact us today to discuss the ideal glass solution for your project on 0800 545 800