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Low E Glass

Low E Glass

Super charge your homes energy efficiency with Metro's Low E double and triple glazing.

What is Low E glass?

  • Low E glass is short for Low Emissivity glass.

  • Low E glass is energy efficient with a special coating that lets in visible light while reflecting heat to maintain indoor comfort levels.

  • Low E double glazing can reduce heat loss by up to 61% compared to standard double glazing which will help keep your power bills down.

  • If overheating is an issue in the hot summer months, our solar control Low E double glazing range can help reduce solar heat by up to 58% when compared to standard double glazing.

  • Metro Glass has a range of Low E glass which is tailored to New Zealand conditions, offering a variety of performance benefits to cater to your specific priorities.

The diagram below shows how Low E double glazing technology works

Benefits of Low E double and triple glazing?

  • Warmer home in winter - Low E glass gives your home up to twice as much heat retention as standard double glazing, keeping the heat inside and the cold outside.

  • A cooler house in summer when you choose a Low E glass with solar control, it helps reduce heat gain from the sun, that can overheat your house, while also insulating your house from the temperature outside in winter. And because there is less need for cooling systems, you'll be reducing energy consumption, which saves on your power bills and helps the environment.

  • Lower power bills - because there is less need for heating and cooling power use, you'll be reducing energy consumption, which saves on your power bills and helps the environment.

  • Reduced condensation. Condensation is that “crying look” that single glazed windows get. This is a serious problem, it causes mould and mildew, and damage your family's health.

  • Better resale value of your home. Having a more thermally efficient home, will improve the feel of the home and reduce its energy usage.

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Benefits of Low E Glass

High Thermal Performance

Keeps you warm and cozy in winter

Solar Control

Helps protects from overheating in summer

Reduce Power Bills

Use less power for heating and cooling

Fading Protection

Help protect furnishings from fading

Reduce Condensation

For a warmer, drier and healthier home

Explore Metro's advanced Low E double or triple glazing range for superior performance. Contact us today to discuss the ideal glass solution for your project on 0800 545 800