Safety glass designed for commercial glass doors and windows
SafeLite™ Laminated

SafeLite™ Laminated

SafeLite™ - laminated PVB safety glass

SafeLite™ laminated safety glass is a form of safety glass in which the glass layers (typically two) are held in place by an interlayer product. The interlayer keeps the layers of glass bonded to each other even if the glass is broken, helping the glass maintain its original shape and reducing the likelihood of large sharp pieces detaching. From a “consequence of failure” perspective, this makes laminated glass much safer as it considerably reduces the likelihood of injury to nearby persons from broken glass fragments.

By far the most widely used laminated glass type in the world, the PVB interlayer used in SafeLite™ offer’s optical clarity, flexibility and good adherence to a wide range of surfaces. SafeLite™ laminated glass is not manufactured in New Zealand but is brought in (imported) in annealed laminated stock sheet format, and then cut to the required finished shape and edge-worked ready for installation.

Laminate annealed (not toughened) safety glass is made by a heat and pressure process that laminates two or more sheets of glass with an EVA interlayer between them. The standard and minimum interlayer is 0.38mm thick.

When subjected to impact, the bond between the glass and interlayer adhere any broken fragments, keeping the glass intact and resisting penetration, significantly reducing the likelihood of serious injury.

The major use for Laminated Annealed PVB Laminate is safety glazing for windows, doors, framed sloped and overhead glazing.

Metro Laminated Glass meets Grade A safety glass in accordance with AS/NZ 2208 and other international standards.

SafeLite™ benefits

  • SafeLite™ laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass.

  • SafeLite™ clear laminated glass is generally in-stock and available to be cut to size to suit your project needs.

  • Offers improved sound reduction (compared to single/monolithic glass) and is available in thicker “acoustic laminate” options as well.

  • Reduces UV transmission by approximately 99%.

  • Has a wide range of other specifications available (by special order), including a wide range of tints, translucent or coloured interlayers, and different thermally treated glass types (heat-strengthened or toughened).

Available sizes

For the available sizes and thicknesses of Metro's toughened, laminated or toughend laminated safety glass click below.

Clear Laminate is stocked in the following options:  6.38, 8.3.8, 10.38 and 12.38mm

Metro Processing Capability

Stocked Sheet Sizes
Glass safety railing for commercial spaces, providing both style and security.

Need more options?

Metro safety glass is available in many different options. Whatever your performance requirements, we can customise a solution for you.

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