Glass safety railing for commercial spaces, providing both style and security.
Tempafloat™ Toughened

Tempafloat™ Toughened

TempaFloat™ - toughened safety glass

Metro Performance Glass uses the thermal toughening process to create TempaFloat™ toughened safety glass. Thermal toughening takes a relatively short time and can be applied to most float glass types. Toughened safety glass is also commonly known as tempered glass.

TempaFloat™ toughened glass is produced by first cutting and processing sheets of standard float glass, which are then loaded into a furnace that has a bed of oscillating rollers. The glass is heated to a plastic state at around 650°C, then the glass is moved into the quench area where it is rapidly cooled by a series of high-pressure air nozzles.

This rapid cooling (or quenching) induces high compression stress in the upper and lower glass surfaces, while the centre remains in tension. Although the physical characteristics remain unchanged, the additional stresses created within the glass alter its mechanical properties.

The compressive stress in the glass surface means that TempaFloat™ toughened glass has increased strength compared to annealed/float glass.

Any cutting or grinding must be done prior to tempering as cutting, grinding, and sharp impacts after tempering are likely to cause the glass to fracture.

Tempafloat™ benefits

  • TempaFloat™ toughened glass is a Grade A safety glass.

  • TempaFloat™ toughened glass has a higher mechanical strength compared to annealed glass of the same thickness and is typically 4 to 5 times stronger.

  • The glass is much harder to break than annealed float or laminated glass. If broken, due to the changes in the glass structure during the toughening process, the glass will “crumble” into small fragments, rather than splintering into potentially dangerous shards as annealed glass does.

  • Has a higher thermal resistance when compared to annealed glass, able to withstand temperatures of up to 300°C for a brief time period, and temperatures of up to 250°C for extended time periods.

  • Because TempaFloat™ toughened glass has such a high mechanical strength, it can be used with mechanical attachments such as patch, spider, hinge, point and countersunk fixings.

Available sizes

For the available sizes and thicknesses of Metro's toughened, laminated or toughend laminated safety glass click below. Metro Glass have furnaces across their manufacturing sites in Auckland and Christchurch, with the Auckland Furnace capable of toughening panel’s up to 5.1x2.4m

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Glass safety railing for commercial spaces, providing both style and security.

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