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Solar Control Glass

Solar Control Glass

Is overheating an issue?

A home or building that gets lots of sunshine can come with some challenges. Too much sunlight can make rooms less livable and have an overheating effect.

Fortunately, you can choose Metro's solar control Low E glass to give you the right level of home comfort in those hotter summer months, in our double glazing range we have Xtreme™ and SunX™ Grey. In our Triple Glazing Range we have SolarPro™ Light and SolarPro™ Plus.

Ideal for windows and facades exposed to a lot of sunshine. In colder months your home will retain warmth, making it the perfect choice for all seasons, plus helping to reduce your heating and cooling costs.

How solar control technology works

Metro's solar control glass has a special coating which prevents excess heat from building up inside during summer months.

Diagram showing how low E double glazing works

If you check two or more of the factors below, solar control glass could be right for you:

☐  There is high window to wall ratio
☐  A stylish aesthetic is required
☐  Located in high solar gain region
☐  Windows are north or west facing
☐  Glare may be an issue and limited shade is available
☐  Rising energy costs are a consideration
☐  Ventilation is not optimal
☐  Interior overheating is a risk

Explore Metro's advanced Low E double or triple glazing range for superior performance. Contact us today to discuss the ideal glass solution for your project on 0800 545 800