Glass Floor PS1

Glass Floor PS1

Specific Design Glass Floor

Important notes prior to request:

Specific design producer statement documents will only be provided to architectural and/or building construction drawings specifying Metro Performance Glass glazing systems. See notes "Before you Start"

The glass floor RFI is typically used for interior or exterior horizontal glass panels:

  • Not forming part of the upper weathertight boundary of the building/structure.

  • For applications designed to be walked on. Can be internal non-trafficable areas, or exterior decks as well.

NOTE: roof panels (forming the weathertight boundary) are not regarded as glass floors, even if they are horizontal – please use the sloped glazing RFI.

Please have all of the following information available to complete the RFI form in one session:

  1. E-mail address for recipient of PS1.

  2. Project details (street address, owner/developer, client/designer).

  3. Building Consent Authority (the form has a drop-down list).

  4. Project occupancy type.

  5. Preferred glazing system (point support, structural sealant - 2 or 4 edge support, other).

  6. Panel sizes – maximum glass panel size & maximum unsupported size.

  7. Confirmation if the glass floor requires a non-slip coating.

  8. Any special architectural or acoustic requirements.

  9. Confirmation of movement separation (refer NZS 4223.1:2008 Section 3.8 Building Movement).

  10. Plan Elevation & fixing detail/cross section drawings.

Please note that the RFI form does not automatically save the entered information.

*** Some building related standards have recently been sponsored and are available for free download from Standards New Zealand.

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