Frosted privacy door glass panels for commercial use
Privacy Glass

Privacy Glass

Privacy glass

Allows for maximum light transmittance, while maintaining your chosen level of privacy, it also can be a design feature itself. Different levels of obscurity are available, and the range can be toughened or laminated to provide a Grade A safety.

Ideal for bathrooms, meeting rooms, bedrooms, front entry doors, or any area you want to limit visibility.

Glass sizes and thicknesses

  • Privacy Glass (Patterned and Obscured) is manufactured in many different thicknesses with a variety of patterns available. Please note that only selected patterns can be toughened due to the variation in the depth of the pattern. Refer to the sizes and thicknesses chart for availability and which options can be toughened.

  • For the types that cannot be, toughened Metro recommends using a laminate option. All obscure glass can be laminated.

  • When ordering Patterned and Obscure glass it important to state direction of the pattern on the order.  Given that standard practice in the glass industry is to state height first and width second, unless stated otherwise glass will be cut with the pattern running down the height and across the width. 

Glass Sizes & Thicknesses

Our Range

Decorative glass can be used when the glass is intended to be looked at rather than just looked through, or when the glass is used to create a distinct design feature within a space.

Decorative glass can be used to add light and create a feeling of space, to introduce more artistic and expressive details, or to increase privacy.

Double glazed glass panels stacked on white surface

Need more options?

Our decorative glass is manufactured in many different thicknesses with a variety of patterns available.

Whatever your requirements, we can customise a solution for you.

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